About Your Facebow Headgear


headgeargirlAbout Your Facebow Headgear

Your headgear will supply the pressure needed to move your teeth and jaw into the correct position.  If you follow the instructions given by Dr. Stuckey on how to wear your headgear and when to wear it, you will avoid having to extend your treatment time longer than necessary.

Putting on and taking off your headgear is easy after you’ve practiced a few times in front of a mirror. Your teeth may be a bit sore for the first few days of wear, but the more you wear it the sooner you’ll become accustomed to it.

Keep these guidelines in mind as you proceed with your treatment:

The amount of time you must wear your headgear is generally 12-14 hours per day. It can be worn while sleeping or after school

Do not wear your headgear while you are brushing your teeth or eating

Do not allow other people to pull on or snap the wire facebow while you are wearing it

If used improperly, the tips of the inner wire bow can cause injury.  Make sure you detach the wire facebow from the headgear straps before putting it in or taking it out

Do not wear the wire facebow when taking part in any sporting activities

If you do forget to wear your headgear, don’t try compensate by tightening the strap. You could damage your teeth.

Remember your headgear has the safety designed Traction Release elastic modules that will disconnect if pulled on and the Safety designed inner bow tips that is curled to prevent injury.  

Remember to bring your headgear to every orthodontic appointment

There is a charge to replace a lost headgear.

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