About Your Hawley Retainer

hawleyAbout Your Hawley Retainer

Always wear your retainer as Dr. Stuckey instructs you in order to prevent your teeth from shifting.  It will be helpful to you to follow these guidelines as you proceed with your treatment:

Unless otherwise instructed, your retainer should be worn at all times, except during mealtime and when you are brushing

Never chew gum with your retainer in your mouth

Anytime your retainer is not in your mouth, it should be in it’s retainer case

Never leave your retainer on a school tray or on a tray at a fast food restaurant, as it will inadvertently be thrown away

Keep your retainer away from all pets

We recommend that you when you first start wearing your retatiner, you read aloud to yourself or talk on the phone to allow your tongue to accommodate to the retainer while speaking

For a retainer with a wire, when brushing your teeth, hold it in your hand and scrub it thoroughly with your toothbrush. Be certain also to brush the roof of your mouth lightly with your toothbrush

About once a week, you should soak your retainer in denture cleaner to keep it fresh and clean

Keep your retainer away from any heat source (dash of car, top of stove, boiling water, etc.)

Remember your retainer is an expensive orthodontic appliance. Take good care of it.  There is a charge to replace any lost or broken retainer

If it ever gives you any problem or is lost or broken, call the office immediately. If you have a problem with your retainer DO NOT attempt to adjust it on your own. Call our office as soon as possible for an appointment

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