Your Herbst Appliance

herbst Your Herbst Appliance

This appliance works by using telescoping metal sleeves and rods to hold your lower jaw forward to correct your overbite. In the next few months, your lower jaw will grow into the correct position, and your overbite will disappear.  Take care of your appliance and you will be amazed how quickly your jaw will change.

Here are a few things to expect:

The first few days you may have some tenderness in your jaw muscle.  You may have to eat a soft diet until you become accustomed to chewing in the new position and the tenderness goes away.

If soreness persists after a few days, call us.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible

You may have some irritation to the inside of your cheeks.  This is usually due to the extra fullness made by the heads of the screws.  Placing soft wax over these places will help while your mouth becomes adjusted

There will be an initial drooling response, which will decrease after about 24hrs

Swallowing may seem difficult at first, but it gets better

You may talk funny with the herbst at first. Reading aloud or spending time on the phone will solve this problem

If you open too wide, the little plunger attached to your lower jaw may slip out of the sleeve that is attached to your upper jaw. Should this happen, look in a mirror, open very wide slip the little rods or plunger into the tubes or sleeves of the upper part and close normally.

Tooth brushing with your Herbst appliance requires some extra time:  Brush thoroughly all around and remove all food trapped under the tubes. If you have one, use a water irrigator, such as a Water Pik, to rinse.  

Use a fluoride rinse each day. 

If you prefer, brush normally, rinse, then brush with fluoride gel. Don’t rinse after you finish brushing with fluoride gel.  

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