About Your Splint

splintAbout Your Splint

The splint appliance is used as a treatment device to temporarily eliminate bite disharmony and resulting pain. When properly adjusted, the splint will position the jaw joints in a stable position.  Always wear your splint as Dr. Stuckey instructs you to so that it will effectively serve its purpose.  As you use this appliance, follow these guidelines:

Your splint will generally be worn at all times, except during mealtime and when you are brushing

 Never chew gum with your splint in your mouth

Anytime your splint is not in your mouth, it should be in it’s case

This appliance is fragile and may break if it is dropped.  Care must be taken when removed or inserting it to prevent distortion of its parts

Never leave your splint in a hot car or near a heat source, like a heater or stove, as it will melt, wrap, or distort

Never leave your splint on a school tray or on a tray at a fast food restaurant, as it will inadvertently be thrown away

Keep your splint away from all pets

When brushing you teeth, hold your splint in your hand and scrub it thoroughly with your toothbrush

You can also periodically soak your splint in a denture cleaner to keep it fresh and clean

If a problem arises while using your splint, call our office an set up an appointment.

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