Common Problems

While wearing braces,  you may encounter some unexpected problems between your appointments.  Listed below are examples of common problems and how to proceed should you experience any during your treatment.  If your problem is not listed, call our office to get an appointment for us to fix it for you.

Your band or bracket has broken off of your tooth:

Keep damaged band or bracket clean
Call our office for an  appointment to rebond it to the tooth
Save any part that comes completely loose and bring it to the office

Your archwire has broken loose from your brackets:

With tweezers, place the wire back in the bracket  slot if possible
If this is not possible, clip the wire with a fingernail clipper behind the last     secure bracket
Call our office for an  appointment

Your tie-wire starts poking the inside of your mouth:

Tuck the wire away with a blunt object such as a popsicle stick or spoon
If this is not possible, cover the wire with a piece of wax
Call our office to make an  appointment to fix it

You have lost a tie-wire or elastics tie:

This is not a true ”urgency"  and it usually can wait to be replaced when it is convenient to return to the office

You are experiencing general soreness:

Soreness during orthodontic treatment is to be expected
Over the counter analgesics such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen may help alleviate soreness.
Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water (1/8 Tsp. Salt and 8 ounces water) can reduce the soreness 

NOTE:  It’s important to make sure you’re eating enough nutritious foods even though your teeth are sore.  If your teeth are sore and you are hungry and you can't think of what to eat, here are some examples of soft foods that you may be able to eat after your orthodontic adjustment:

Malt Shakes
Ice Cream
Sliced Cheese
Canned Fruit