Stuckey Bucks!


Stuckey Bucks!

Stuckey Bucks are awarded at regularly scheduled appointments.  With your Stuckey Bucks, you may buy prizes ranging from bracelets and Hotwheels to Gift certificates or a Sonicare Toothbrush. The prize board is in our waiting area and the number of Stuckey Bucks you earn is up to you.


You receive 1 STUCKEY BUCK for:

Keeping your regularly scheduled appointment
Arriving on time for your appointment
Having good oral hygiene at your appointment
Having no loose brackets, bands, removable appliances, etc


You receive 5 STUCKEY BUCKS for:

Making all A’s and B’s on your report card and showing it to Dr Stuckey
Raising your grades one full letter grade
Proof of community service or charity work.  Please write what you did on a piece of paper with a supervisors signature and bring it to your appointment
Referring a patient to Dr Stuckey
Having a tooth removed if Dr Stuckey refers you to a dentist to do so


You receive 10 STUCKEY BUCKS for:

Bringing a note from your general or pediatric dentist showing that you have had your regular check-up and cleaning

NOTE:  Just as with real money, if your Stuckey Bucks are lost then they are gone for good.  And once they are spent on a prize there are no returns and the patient must start saving up again for their next purchase.

Good Luck to You. We hope you earn a lot of Stuckey Bucks!